Gems from the Salaf 4–Ibn Mas’ood (radiyallaahu-anhu) and others

Ibn Mas’ood (radiyallaahu-anhu) said to his companions:

”You observe fasting, perform prayer and Jihaad more than the companions of Muhammad (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam), whilst they were better than you.” They said: ”why is that the case?’” He said: They practiced more abstinence from the worldly life and they were more desirous of the hereafter.” [Jaami-ul Uloom Wal-Hikam: page: 318]

He (radiyallaahu-anhu) also said:

”The superiority of prayer at night over prayer during the day is like the superiority of charity given in secret over charity given openly.” [Jaami-ul Uloom wal-Hikam: page: 290]

He (radiyallaahu-anhu) also said:

”whoever loves the Qur’aan will love Allaah and His Messenger.” [Jaami-ul Uloom Wal-Hikam: 382]

Abu Dardaa (radiyallaahu-anhu) said:

”Goodness is in tranquillity and evil is in doubt.” [Jaami-ul Uloom Wal-Hikam: page: 269]

Abu Sulaymaan (rahimahullaah) said:

”Abstinence from the worldly life is to abandon that which pre-occupies you away from Allaah.” He (rahimahullaah) also said: ”everything that preoccupies you away from Allaah, be it (your) family, wealth and children, then indeed it is misfortune.” [Jaami-ul Uloom Wal-Hikam: page: 315-316]

Rabee Bin Anas (rahimahullaah) said:

”Indeed Allaah remembers the one who remembers Him; He increases in (in provision and goodness) the one who thanks Him, and He punishes the one who disbelieves in Him.” [Jaami-ul Uloom Wal-Hikam: page: 365]

And Allaah knows best

Abu Mu-aawiyyah (Abdullaah al-Gambi)

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