Examine The One Who Wants To Marry Your Precious Daughter Or Your Beloved Son

In The Name of Allaah, the Most Merciful the Bestower of Mercy

Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) said:

If he (i.e. the man) is persistent upon sin, he is not to be married to, because some the pious predecessors said: ‘’He who marries his precious one (i.e. daughter) to an evil doer, then indeed he has severed her womb’’

He (rahimahullaah) also said:

And Allaah has made permissible for the Muslims to marry the (women) of the Jews and Christians and the Jews and Christians are not to marry the women of the Muslims.  This is because marriage is a type of bondage, as Umar (radiyallaahu anhu) said: ‘’Marriage is a (type) of bondage, so let one of you look to the one he gives his precious one/daughter to in bondage.’’

And Zaid Ibn Thaabit (radiyallaahu anhu) said: 

‘’the husband (has been referred to as) a master in the Book of Allaah, and he recited: ”they both found her master (i.e. her husband) at the door’’ Qur’aan’’ [12:25]

Marriage is from the most important aspect of companionship, and due to that the Arab name his wife ‘’A Companion’’. Likewise, with regards to one’s state of affairs, the woman is not to be given any consideration for marriage if she is corrupted in her religion or character; rather, he (i.e. the man) should not yearn for her since nobility will not be found in her.  And whoever marries her for the sake of wealth or beauty, he will hasten to that which will be of regret for him due to the choice he made.  And with regards to soundness in the religion, there will be not be anything upright in her. Perhaps she will become a trial for him due to what is with her of deprivation in her religious affairs, eventually causing the man to fall short in his conduct and nobility.  And Allaah’s Aid is sought.

Imaam Dhahabee (rahimahullaah) said that Salamah bin Alqamah relates from Ibn Seereen (rahimahullaah) who said: ”Imraan Ibn Hattaan married a khaarijiyyah (a female khaarijite), and said: ‘’I will bring her back’’ (i.e. make her leave her misguidance).  However, she converted him to her way’’

[Source: Hukm Ash-Sharee-ah Fee Az-zawaaj Min Ash-Shee-ah. Page: 27 and 57]

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