Ruling on Visiting Family and Friends Specifically on ‘Eid Day – Shaikh Mohammad al-Madkhaly

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Q – What is the ruling on specifying the visitation of family and friends on ‘Eid Day?

A – “This is a good action, and relatives are given precedence in the obligation of maintaining ties and kinship, so you start with them and then others afterwards. That is what is required from a person, that he begins with relatives since they have more right upon him, then if time is found the person may visit others from his brothers, and so if that occurs it is pleasing to us, and if not [i.e. time is not found after the relatives] then it is not a Sunnah [that requires to be implemented], rather the people can suffice with meeting at the ‘Eid prayer location [musalla], and at the masjid for the prayers of ‘Eid Day, so this would suffice in terms of friends etc outside of family if time was restricted, and it is not a condition to have to visit them in their homes.

However, the people have formed a habit [to make time for friends too] and that is not contradictory to the legislation and they do not consider it any form of worship, but simply due to it being a day of happiness and joy they make visitations to each other and so there is no problem in that”.


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