Salafi Publications and Greenlane Masjid–What is the basis of the Differing???!!!

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy


Shaikh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him) stated:

The cause of the differing that take place between the callers is the differing in methodologies.  And had the callers (may Allaah guide them and grant them success) traversed a singular methodology; and that is the methodology of the Messenger (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam)– that which the Messenger (sallal-laahu-alayhi-sallam) and his companions were upon, then these differences would not have occurred.

Therefore, it is obligatory upon all the callers to make their methodology one–upon the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam); and that their call is (carried out) for the sake of Allaah and to make the word of Allaah uppermost.  Their call should not be for the sake of desires, raising individuals or parties; rather their call should be sincerely for Allaah’s Face-making Allaah’s word uppermost; following the Messenger of Allaah (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) and to aid His Religion.  (So) by way of this the differing will cease. [Source: Al-Ijaabaatul Muhimmah Fil Mashaakil Al-Mulimmah (page:221-222)]


Sheikh Zaid Ibn Hadee al Madkhalee said:

The Mubtadi (innovator) is the cause for the splitting (in the Ummah). That is because splitting is connected to innovation and unity (upon the sound creed and methodology of the Salaf) is connected to the Sunnah.  The obligation of refuting the Mukhaalif (the opposer of the truth) is not lifted from the scholar due to anticipation of harm, unless it is harm he is not able to bear.  Then (in this case), Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear.  The earth is not devoid of people of knowledge who will carry out refutation against the Mubtadi and the Mukhaalif. [Source: Al Ajwibah Al Mukhtasar Alaa As-ila Al-Ashrati(Page43-44)]

Has Greenlane Ceased Accommodating and sheltering deviant individuals and Organizations?

Greenlane’s Admin have not ceased to be upon this methodology, because they still accommodate and shelter some individuals and organizations from Ahlul Bidah Wal Ahwaa.  The differing between Greenlane’s Admin and Salafipublications is not a differing that is based on unintended mistakes alongside striving to seek the truth; rather Greenlane’s Methodology is that of repugnant partisanship.  Differing in the subsidiary issues is not the same as differing about Ihyaa Turaath, Abu Usaama, Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq and his supporters!  What those deviant individuals and organizations are charged with is something established with evidence by those scholars who are well acquainted with their plots, deceit and false methodologies.

See here Ihyaa turaath and Abu Usaama

Imaam Muqbil Bin Haadee (rahimahullaah) On Ihyaa Turaath:

‘As for Shaikh Al Albaanee, he freed himself from them (i.e. Ihya Turaath) long ago and Shaikh Bin Baaz disapproved of them in some affairs.  The hizbiyyoon are deceivers, for they approach the virtuous Mashaa’yikh of ahlus sunnah-those  who trust them- and say: ”O Shaikh! Indeed a lot of good has been actualized through us. Indeed we went to Africa”, but in reality they went to split the unity of the Muslims…..’we went to Pakistan and to such and such’, so the Shaikh believes (that).  And indeed he (Shaikh Bin Baaz) has refuted Abdur -Rahmaan Bin Abdul Khaaliq and I am sure that if their [ihyaa turaath’s] affair becomes clear to him, he will free himself from them’ [Siyaanatus Salafi: page:619-620]

Imaam Albaani (rahimahullaah) said spoke about Ihyaa Turaath saying: ‘They do not give importance to what is called Tasfiyah Wat-Tarbiyyah [Purification and Cultivation]; their concern is politics, position, elections, parliament and what is similar to that.’ [Siyaanatus Salafi: page:613]

Shaikh Rabee (hafidha-hullaah) said about Ihyaa Turaath: ‘And due to this, hatred has occurred from them towards the carriers of the Sunnah and the salafi methodology. And they bring forward their mistakes (i.e. those mistakes of the people of sunnah) which have neither been criticized by a Sunni nor by a person of innovation from amongst those who ascribe themselves to Islaam.  They present these mistakes as mighty affairs of blunder and destruction, rather they make the virtues and merits of ahlus sunnah to be repugnant and disdainful in addition to much fabrication and accusation…… [Bayaan Fasaadul Miyaar–Hiwaar Ma-a Hizbi Mutasattir: page: 5-6]


Therefore, the basis of the differing between Greenlane’s Admin and Salafipublications is about adherence to a sound or corrupt methodology.  The pure Salafi methodology does not accommodate innovators as opposed to the methodology of Ihyaa Turaath and Abu Usaama.  Likewise, we all witness the fact that Greenlane’s Admin still shelters Abu Usaama and extends a co-operating hand to Ihyaa Turaath; rather they invite Adnaan Abdul Qaadir a student and defender of the innovator Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq. 

The affair between Salafipublications and Greenlane’s Admin is not confusing at all; rather it is very simple to understand Inshaa-Allaah! Salafipublications neither co-operate nor accommodate individuals and organizations of bidah, but Greenlane’s Admin accommodates organizations and individuals who either call to bidah or defend the people of bidah.  They shelter Abu Usaama (a defender of the innovators Maribi and Halabi) and extend a co-operating hand to Ihyaa Turaath (a deviated organization whose evil and false methodology is well known).


Both Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul khaaliq and Ihyaa Turaath have neither recanted from their innovations nor has Abu Usaama recanted from his shameless defense of the innovators Halabi, Maribi etc.  However, Greenlane’s Admin still provides a save haven for Abu Usaama and extends a co-operating hand to Ihyaa Turaath.  So be warned! Do not be be deceived by Greenlane’s Admin in their plots and treacherous plans to gather numbers and entice them towards repugnant hizbiyyah.  Do not deliberately confuse yourselves; rather listen to those who have spent their entire lives exposing and destroying the plots of the people of hizbiyyah….

Shaikh Rabee Bin Haadi (hafidha-hullaah) was asked:

A lot of mistakes and differing occurs amongst the Salafi youth as a result of the return or claimed return of an opposer of the Salafi Manhaj to the domain of Salafiyyah; What is your advice to the youth, (as) some of them accept the repentance of (such a person) and others do not.

Whatever the case may be, if a person falls into Sin, doubts and Bidah, but then he repents and turn to Allah in obedience, it is not permissible for anyone to close the door of repentance in his face. That is because the door of repentance is open up until the sun rises from the West.  If a person repents and returns (to correctness) it is obligatory to praise and encourage him.

However, some people are well known for lying and inconsistency, so he acts as if he is repentant.  So regarding this person, we say: Inshaa-Allaah your repentance is accepted, but we are cautious of him until he manifests his correct repentance.

Abul Hasan Al-Ash-ari announced his repentance on the Mimbar. He used to be an extreme Mutazili-a leader among the leaders of the Mutazilah and he persisted in defence of this evil school of thought for forty years and repented after that.  He announced his repentance and from the proofs of his repentance is that he began to author astounding refutations against the Mutizalah-refutation against their doubts.   So there are signs of the truthful acts of repentance which dispels the doubts (about his repentance); Meaning: He publicized and manifested to the people that he follows the truth.

So there are affairs that show the truthfulness of (the repentant one) and there are factual evidences that show the untruthfulness of (the one who merely claims to have repented).  He (the person) is encouraged if there are factual evidences showing his truthfulness, and (on the other hand) it is incumbent upon the Salafiyyoon to be cautious of him if there are factual evidences showing only the mere claims of his (repentance), as it can be that he is being deceitful.

The groups are widespread; It is not possible to ruin the Salafi youth and hinder the Salafi youth from the Salafi Methodology, except with either claims of (ascription) to Salafiyyah or (claims) of withdrawal from mistakes that are in opposition to the Salafi Manhaj.  So if they incline towards him (i.e. the one who claims repentance), he may be able to entice the one he can entice towards a corrupt Methodology.  This does take place.

Whatever the case may be, encouragement is given to the one from whom repentance is manifested and it is obligatory to be cautious of the one from whom playing games is manifested.  The Salafiyyoon should be alert with regards to the likes of these (people). [Source: Siyaanatus Salafi Min Waswasati Wa-Talbeesaat Ali Al-Halabi: page: 79-80]   


Many people are heedless of this affair, wherein a person has corrupt principles which he follows, and as a result of such principles there (occurs) a number of various mistakes.  Then we find that such a person has recanted from some of those mistakes, so someone else quickly announces the repentance of such a deviated person due to the fact that he repented from some of his mistakes, but (the announcer) either forgets or is heedless, or he is deliberately heedless of the  Corrupt Principles which (such a deviant) has not repented from yet.  And due to this, we find many of those who repent, either quickly returning to their mistakes which they recanted from or to mistakes that are more severe-mistakes branching off from his corrupt principles which he did not repent from.  Therefore, the most important thing sought from a person who repents is that he repents from the Corrupt Principles he follows and the mistakes that branches off from such corrupt principles. [Source: Muhammad Hassaan Wat-Tawbatun Nusooh: page: 13-14][Source: Muhammad Hassaan Wat-Tawbatun Nusooh; page: 13-14]

So be warned against Greenlane Masjid! They are a “political jamaa’ah” as Shaikh Ubayd said, not upon the Sunnah. Their recent decision to pray Eed in the same vicinity as the Salafis is in line with their political methodology. The Salafis of Birmingham have been performing the eid prayer at the park in Small Heath for 20 years, so would it not have been more suitable for this group who claims to “love unity” to abandon their corrupt alliance with Ahlul Bidah and join the existing jamaa’ah, rather than split the Muslims. When exactly did it become a “Sunnah” for them? – since 1994 the Salafis of Birmingham were arguing with this political group about this Sunnah and they would mock and scoff at them for  leaving the mosque to pray outside. Now they have decided to plot and establish a second Eed prayer in the same vicinity, an occasion to confuse the people and spread the repugnant partisanship they have established with Ahlul Bidah.  It is just another political step to raise their profile and provoke the Salafis. They are politicians of the most treacherous type with no regard except for their own party.  Do not be deceived, the callers and leaders of Green Lane are opposers of the Sunnah and Salafiyyah. They deserve to be refuted and rebuked. Rather it is an obligation by fard kifaayah.

And Allaah knows best






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