Trials and Tests Distinguish the Believer from the Hypocrite – Shaykh Fawzān

Shaykh Ṣālih Al-Fawzān (hafidahullāh): From the Way of Allāh – The Glorified, The Most High – with his creation, is that he trials and tests them. He does not leave them without trials and tribulation, for if he was to leave mankind without

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Reason Behind The Appearance and Disappearance of Calamities – By Ameerul Mu’mineen Ali [radiyallaahu-anhu]

Ameerul Mu'mineen Ali Ibn Abee Taalib [radiyallaahu-anhu] said: ''A calamity does not descend except due to sin and a calamity is not removed except due to repentance.'' [Al-Jawaab Al-Kaafi’ by Imaam Ibnul Qayyim. Page 49]  

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The Quran and Sunnah Upon The Understanding of The Salaf

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